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Event-level data for deeper performance anaylsis

Designed to help publishers dive deeper into their performance metrics, the Datapipe exposes raw, event-level data, updated daily. Publishers can use the Datapipe to access more granular insights into their content’s performance, power their own reporting systems, and optimize their commerce content for more conversions.

With more data available than in the Publisher Hub reports and Reporting API, the Datapipe lets publishers track every single page impression, click, commission, and purchase – helping them gain a deeper understanding of their readers’ buying journey and where their sales are coming from.

Publishers can use the Datapipe to…

  • Better understand their audience’s purchase journey across all touch-points, from the initial page impression to when the commission is paid.
  • Access event-level data to feed into their reporting systems and power their content strategy.
  • Aggregate data at a different level, giving them complete control over the data and how they display it.
  • Connect their commissions data to a machine learning tool (e.g. Google Ads)
    Import large datasets faster. No more having to run multiple API calls – the Datapipe streamlines the process.
  • Create a reporting suite in a data visualization tool and view all their performance data in one place.

How does it work?

Each day, data is cleaned and exported to a cloud storage location. From there, publishers can extract and manipulate the data depending on their needs. They would then ingest it into their reporting and analytics tools to fuel their systems and optimize their commerce content.

Interested to learn more about the Datapipe? Speak to your Skimlinks Account Manager. You can also access the Datapipe documentation here.

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