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Increase mobile revenue with Skimlinks AMP integration

The Skimlinks Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) integration enables publishers to easily affiliate their commerce links on AMP articles. Skimlinks is proud to be first-to-market with this AMP integration and make it available to all publishers and content creators who generate a revenue stream through affiliate commerce.

Over the past 12 months, Skimlinks has seen 59% of impressions across all publishers coming from mobile devices (smartphone and tablet), however only 33% of revenue publishers generated has come from mobile.

So there is a huge opportunity for publishers to significantly increase their commerce revenue from mobile.

Access the AMP integration code here

“We rolled out the Skimlinks AMP integration on The Strategist, as the implementation was simple and it provided us with the ability to easily monetize the affiliate links on our AMP articles, we’ve now implemented it across the the rest of our titles including Vulture and The Cut.”  

Camilla Cho, GM, eCommerce New York Media

Benefits for publishers

The AMP code only needs to be installed once. Then there is nothing else for the publisher to do. No manual workarounds, no specific maintenance needed to monetize content.

The Skimlinks AMP integration will automatically affiliate your commerce content across all your AMP articles.

Implementing the Skimlinks AMP integration, alongside the Skimlinks JavaScript will enable publishers to have one solution across their domains with all revenue information available in one platform.

Skimlinks AMP integration

Like the Skimlinks JavaScript, the Skimlinks AMP integration is a couple of lines of code that needs to be applied to AMP pages.

Once this is done, links will automatically be affiliated and publishers will start generating revenue from their AMP articles.

How to install the code

The Skimlinks AMP integration is available for any publisher to install.

Login to the Skimlinks Publisher Hub to access the code and technical instructions for implementation.

“The Skimlinks AMP integration provided the Gamer Network with a simple solution to monetize our commerce content AMP articles.  Deploying the code was straightforward and took only a few minutes.”

Jon Hicks, Head of Audience Development, Gamer Network

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