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Create Affiliate Links that Generate Revenue with JavaScript

Installing the JavaScript is important for getting the most out of Skimlinks. The JavaScript automatically transforms links into affiliate links to help Publishers generate revenue from their commerce content.

Implementing the JavaScript also means that Publishers can track link clicks and learn which content drives the most traffic and revenue, helping them transform their content strategy and continue creating content their readers resonate with.

And that’s not all. There are many benefits for Publishers installing the JavaScript:

  • Earn revenue on the total basket value, not just the product being promoted
    It’s not just new links that are automatically monetized, but existing links too.
  • It’s reliable and doesn’t impact page load time, SEO, or the user experience.
  • Publishers have full control over which sections of their content is monetized.
  • Once the JavaScript is installed, there is no further technical implementation needed – all links will automatically be affiliated.

The JavaScript can be added directly to your site template just before the tag. The code runs on 4.6 billion pages every day (and don’t worry – it doesn’t impact page load times or affect user experience!). Join the over 60,000 publishers across the globe who generate revenue from affiliate links by installing the code here.

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