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Access Skimlinks Data via APIs

Created to help Publishers conduct more advanced analysis by pulling Skimlinks data into their own systems, our APIs are great for Publishers looking to get more out of the data we offer. At Skimlinks, we have two primary APIs that are available for Publishers to use:

Reporting API

Publishers can dive deeper into their performance and commission data with the Reporting API. The API allows users to go beyond the Publisher Hub and extract any of the data available in our core Performance Reports – as well as the Product Bought Report and Trending Products Report.

Publishers can use the Reporting API to:

  • Capture only the data that’s valuable to them – Publishers can select the exact fields they want to pull.
  • Ingest Performance Hub data into their own internal reporting tools, so they have control over how the data is displayed
  • Conduct more in-depth analysis into their performance data. The API means they can choose how to use and manipulate the data.
  • Combine Skimlinks data with their other performance data and view it all together in one place.

Interested to learn more? The Reporting API documentation is available here.

Merchant API

Looking to gain more insight into merchants and their commission rate data? The Merchant API gives Publishers access to all the data available via Merchant Search, Merchant Profile Pages and the Merchant Offers page.

Publishers can use the Merchant API to:

  • Pull merchant and commission rate details, including country, merchant category, if it’s a merchant they’ve favorited, and if they have a preferred or exclusive rate
  • Ingest the commission rate details for more than 48,500 merchants into their own systems and tools.
  • Learn how much each merchant pays for the sales driven
  • Set it up so they can track commission rate changes over time

Interested to learn more? The Merchant API documentation is available here.

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