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View Incremental Sales and Revenue Generated From Previously Broken Links

The Link Optimization Report is exclusively available to Publishers who have enabled Dynamic Link Optimization. On average, activating Dynamic Link Optimization and optimizing 404 and out of stock links can lead to a 2-10% uplift in revenue.

The report provides insights into the number of optimized clicks and incremental revenue generated from 404, Out of Stock, or Inactive Merchant links on Publisher’s domains when they have the Dynamic Link Optimization activated.

The Link Optimization Report provides Publishers a view into:

  • The overall number of optimized clicks
  • The overall number of optimized sales
  • Order value
  • EPC
  • Revenue

Publishers can select to view data for all their domains, as well as select whether they want to view All Optimized Links or select from 404/ Out of Stock/ or Inactive Merchant Link.

Please note, 404 Page optimization is available globally, and Out of Stock Page optimization and Inactive Merchant Link optimization is only available in the US.

To view the report, log into the Publisher Hub, and make sure to have Dynamic Link Optimization enabled.

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