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Measure What’s Important with Skimlinks CustomID

Commerce Content is increasingly important for Publishers. Knowing what content works, which users are engaged and what drives performance is key when building a sustainable revenue stream.

And every publisher has their own unique information they want to capture to do just that. Now, Skimlinks provides Publishers with a CustomID field that allows them to measure what’s most important.

Publishers already using the Skimlinks CustomID are capturing and reporting on information that includes:

  • Author ID or Name
  • Their own Product Verticals or Content Categories
  • Unique IDs that track back to their User Base
  • Article ID

Setting up a CustomID through Skimlinks JavaScript

For Publishers with the Skimlinks JavaScript installed, a CustomID can be set up at Page or Link level.

There is a short piece of code that needs to be added before the Skimlinks JavaScript when you want to report at Page Level or directly in your link if you want to report at Link level. It’s then that Publishers can add the variable they want to capture in the CustomID field.

The CustomID field will then be populated Page or Link load.

Detailed documentation on how to set up the CustomID through the JavaScript can be accessed here.

Setting up a CustomID with LinkWrapper

Publishers using LinkWrapper can also add a CustomID to the end of the URL they’ve generated.

The CustomID can be added to Long URL’s as well as short links. Simply input the merchant URL and Custom ID in the Link Generator and click ‘generate and copy short link’.

Detailed documentation on how to set up a CustomID using LinkWrapper can be accessed here.

Measuring your Performance

Publishers can access their Performance Insights from the CustomID in several places:

Revenue Source Report

The Revenue Source report is available in the Skimlinks Publisher Hub. Simply click on the Performance Tab to access it.

Publishers can see the performance of their CustomID by each sale they generate. Along with the CustomID, the report includes data on the page, link, merchant and UTM parameters Publishers have set-up.

Commission Report via API

For Publishers using Skimlinks Reporting API, they can access their CustomID data through the Commission Report.

Skimlinks Datapipe

For Publishers who use the Skimlinks Datapipeline, the CustomID is sent in the feeds to access performance data.

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