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View Best-Selling Products with Product Bought Report

The Product Bought Report enables Publishers to view which products their readers have actually bought from clicking through their commerce content.

This means Publishers can view:

  • The specific product their readers have bought on the website, even if the product is different to the initial product they clicked on
  • Which merchant the products were bought from and the quantity bought
  • The revenue made from the purchase

Publishers can filter to view products bought at a specific time frame, and search by product or merchant.

Publishers can use the report to:

  • View which merchants and product categories are resonating most with their audience and promote them more
  • View which products were trending during key events in previous years
  • View which products have been bought from their top merchants
  • Discover more product lines from their top merchants

With this report, we are confident you’ll be able to further optimize your content monetization strategy and create even better commerce content for your audience.

Did you know? The Product Bought Report is now also available as an API, meaning Publishers can ingest this valuable product data into their own systems for easy, streamlined reporting. Learn more about the Product Bought Report API in our blog post.

Log into the Publisher Hub to view your Product Bought Report here!

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