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Discover What’s Resonating With Your Readers in Real-Time

What commerce content articles, links and merchants are resonating right now with your readers? The Real-Time Clicks Report will answer that question for you.

This report is one that Publishers love. It’s updated every 15 minutes allowing Publishers to quickly optimize and promote the popular content, increasing revenue potential.

Publishers can quickly see which content their audience is engaged with in real-time through insights into:

  • Pages
  • Links
  • Merchants
  • Clicks
    – In the last hour
    – In the previous hour
    – In the last 3 hours
    – In the previous 3 hours
    – In the last 24 hours

There are a number of ways Publishers can use the Real-Time Clicks Report:

Identify high-performing pages

Sort the data by the pages with the highest number of clicks during the past hour to see which pages are popular or increasing in popularity. Because Publishers know this content is resonating with their audience, they can promote it through other channels such as homepage, newsletters, or social media.
During key shopping events, it’s important to know which links are at risk of returning Out of Stock responses, you can also use this data to help your team identify and prioritize which high-performing links should be manually checked.

Rearrange the order of links on a page to promote high-performing links

For articles with multiple links, you want to make sure the link with the highest engagement appears at the top of the page. You can use the real-time click data, to sort by page, link and clicks in the last hour and compare this against your article and make any optimization decisions.

Removing low-performing links

You can use the report to identify links that aren’t performing and remove them from your page. As the report in the Publisher Hub only displays 100 rows of data, we recommend you download the full report to do this analysis.

Start using the Real-Time Clicks Report here!

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