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See What Drives Your Revenue With Revenue Source Report

It has never been easier to optimize your Commerce Content strategy. The Revenue Source Report shows you what activity drives revenue and which channels, platforms and placements perform best.

With 35 columns of actionable data, it’s the most in depth report available in the Publisher Hub. It includes granular data such as 11 UTM parameters and the Skimlinks CustomID. This allows you to see exactly where each sale  comes from, the insights you need to optimize your content distribution and grow your revenue.

The report includes details on each order driven through your content:

  • Date
  • Merchant
  • Merchant ID
  • Link
  • Page
  • Custom ID
  • Domain
  • Domain ID
  • Click Date
  • Device
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Country
  • Page URL
  • CID
  • NCID
  • Source
  • SRC
  • Sales
  • Order Value
  • Revenue

And specifics details on where that order has come from:

  • Page UTM Brand
  • Page UTM Source
  • Page UTM Term
  • Page UTM Campaign
  • Page UTM Medium
  • Page UTM Content
  • Page Referrer
  • Link URL
  • Link UTM Source
  • Link UTM Term
  • Link UTM Campaign
  • Link UTM Medium
  • Link UTM Content

Log into the Publisher Hub to view the Revenue Source Report here!


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