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Start or scale your commerce activity with Skimlinks Editorial Network

Publishers can easily ramp up their commerce content offering with Skimlinks’ library of Commerce Content. Publishers have access to a bank of content they can directly publish to their networks and off-platform channels. Skimlinks’ editorial offering is a great way to start scaling revenue without a dedicated commerce editorial team or to get content from experts to optimise your current content strategy.

Facts & Figures

  • Publish 20+ commerce articles per week without any resource commitment from your editorial or tech team.
  • Evergreen content – Product curation content in all categories, always up to date.
  • Exclusive commission rates negotiated for Skimlinks Editorial content.
  • 50/50 Rev Share, so you carry no risk and Skimlinks only generates revenue when you do.
  • No tech work required, just a one page addendum to your current contract.

Examples of Skimlinks Editorial Offering

The Dyson Hair Dryer Is Worth It If You Love Your Hair, or Hate Your Hair, or Both

The Best Coffee Machine also Does Pourover and Cold Brew

This Stay-Tucked Dress Shirt is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Men’s Clothing

Biolite’s Smokeless FirePit Burns Wood and Charcoal

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