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Announcing the first Commerce Awards for Publishers (#TheCAPS)

Posted 6 years ago by Angus Quinn

Skimlinks is delighted to announce the launch of the Commerce Awards for Publishers (#TheCAPS).

This is a new awards program designed to recognise excellence in content-to-commerce journalism and throw the limelight on commerce teams at publishers, who have mastered the art of producing excellent product-related pieces.

A total of twelve awards will be up for grabs on the night of the awards ceremony on September 20 in New York City.

Seven categories will be awarded by a panel of independent judges, including noted industry journalists Allison Schiff from AdExchanger and Max Willens from Digiday. Two will be awarded by public vote – Best Publisher chosen by Merchants and Best Merchant chosen by publishers.

The final three more light-hearted awards will be revealed from Skimlinks’ own data.

The categories are as follows:

By judges:

Best Fashion Article
Best Technology & Gadget Article
Best Evergreen Article
Best Flash-Event Article
Best Digital Native Publisher
Best Dedicated Commerce Brand
Best Editorial Publisher

By public vote:

Best Publisher (Chosen by Merchants)
Best Merchant (Chosen by Publishers)

From Skimlinks data:

Weirdest Item Sold
Highest Volume Of A Single Item Sold
Highest Value Of A Single Item Sold

The awards will be hosted by Skimlinks’ CEO Sebastien Blanc and Senior Commercial Director Dunia Silan. Publishers and Merchants can submit for the awards now and submissions will close on August 24.

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