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Discover DTC Merchants With A New Filter

Posted 3 years ago by Monika Lescevska

We are excited to announce the launch of our new feature which will allow Publishers to easily access our Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) merchants to include in their commerce content.  

When using the Merchant Search, publishers can now easily find DTC merchants along with:  

  • Give Back merchants 
  • BIPOC-owned merchants 
  • Female-Founded merchants 
  • New merchants added in the last 30 days 

Our DTC filter refers to the merchants who sell their products directly to consumers. 57% of all brands now have a DTC strategy in place, making it one of the fastest growing e-commerce categories. 

Publishers should include DTC brands in their commerce content strategy because:  

  • They generally offer higher commission rates to publishers due to higher margins and pricing flexibility 
  • They have digital-first strategies, which means their sites are highly optimised for online conversion 
  • Publishers can discover products not available anywhere else 

With more merchants choosing the DTC model, the new filter presents a perfect opportunity for publishers to discover new, innovative brands to write about in their commerce content.  

Log into the Publishers Hub now to view all Direct-to-Consumer merchants. 

Publishers not working with Skimlinks, sign up here. 


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