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16 Fashion Affiliate Programs You Can Promote Today

Posted 1 year ago by Skimlinks

Insights from the Skimlinks platform show that fashion continues to be the top-performing vertical in regard to both affiliate traffic and publisher commission. The number of publishers using Skimlinks and writing about fashion in commerce content has also increased by 85% from 2021 to 2022. It is therefore expected that fashion e-commerce will grow even further throughout the next years, and fashion brands are accommodating this demand by producing even more sought-after pieces.   

A key trend expected to continue into 2024 is the rise of sustainable fashion in the form of both re-sale fashion items as well as ecologically produced items.  This is a factor to consider when choosing which fashion merchants you are including in your content.

Based on this information, it is a great time to focus on fashion affiliate programs, so we looked at data across our network, and compiled a list of the top 20 highest-converting fashion affiliate programs that publishers should write about.  


Anthropologie is an American clothing retailer with an affiliate program available in the US, UK, Australia, and 8 other markets. The brand is designed for those who seek a curated mix of clothing, accessories, and home décor to represent their personal style and creativity. Anthropologie collaborates with established and upcoming artists to provide a range of unique fashion pieces at a mid-to-upper price range. The brand recognised the growing popularity of beauty & wellness and in 2019 launched their own luxury wellness section, where customers can find essential oils, anti-stress balms, mindfulness cards, and much more. Alongside, shoppers can also find beauty products such as cleansers, vitamin C serums, and moisturisers. Anthropologie offers seasonal sales where shoppers can find creative accessories, clothing, and home décor which make for great gift ideas.  

Access Anthropologie’s Affiliate Program here. 


ASOS is a British online fashion retailer with an affiliate program available worldwide. ASOS brings the latest trends and fashion pieces from 850 different brands onto one platform, some of the most popular brands include Topshop, &Other Stories, Weekday, as well as the retailer’s own brand ASOS Design. The brand specialises in female and male fashion and primarily targets young adults due to its affordable pricing and regular discounts. The retailer launched a Face + Body section in 2017 specialising in makeup, skincare, and body care, some of the popular brands include Estee Lauder, The Ordinary, and St. Tropez. ASOS Marketplace is home to over 900+ independent brands and vintage boutiques where customers can find unique and niche pieces.  

Access ASOS’s Affiliate Program here.  

Cotton On 

Cotton On is one of Australia’s largest retailers, with an affiliate program also available in the US, UK, and 16 other markets. Cotton On is known for staple pieces such as strappy dresses and dad shirts made from cotton, but also for experimenting with fun colours such as bright pastels. Apart from its main brand, Cotton On owns seven other brands, with the most popular being Body, which is designed for women to feel comfortable and confident in activewear and loungewear. The brand only entered the UK in May 2021 and has already become a fan favourite due to great quality t-shirts, jeans, and dresses at an affordable price range.  

Access Cotton On’s Affiliate Program here. 


Everlane is an American fashion retailer, with an affiliate program available worldwide. Everlane is known for creating timeless pieces for men and women from high-quality materials, famously loved by Meghan Markle. Although Everlane only operates three brick-and-mortar stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, they now ship to 113 countries worldwide. Everlane puts a strong emphasis on sustainability and transparency, by showcasing the cost breakdown of their products and creating collections such as the “100% Human” and “ReNew Collection”. They also update their website weekly for trending products and best-selling items.  

Access Everlane’s Affiliate Program here. 


Farfetch is a well-known e-commerce platform which sells over 1,300 luxury brands from 50 different countries, and has an affiliate program available worldwide. The list of featured designers includes world-famous luxury brands such as Balmain, Fendi, Versace, Prada, and many more. As part of the sustainability initiative, Farfetch launched a Pre-Owned section on their website, showcasing preloved and vintage jewellery, bags, and clothing items. Farfetch has exclusive sale offers and organises large sale events during events such as Black Friday Sale or End-of-Summer Sale.  

Access Farfetch’s Affiliate Program here. 


Lululemon is a yoga and activewear brand originating from Canada, with an affiliate program available worldwide. The brand specialises in technical athletic apparel for men and women but also offers accessories such as bags, headwear, yoga mats, water bottles, and far more. Lululemon is a unique athleisure brand as it supports communities through movement, mindfulness, and advocacy. The brand organises events, helps set goals, and runs a blog to help customers on their fitness journeys. 

Lululemon offers great markdowns all year-around under We Made Too Much, so that customers can enjoy the high-quality items without breaking the bank.  

Access Lululemon’s Affiliate Program here.  


Mango is an apparel brand with an affiliate program available in the UK, US, Switzerland, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands. The brand designs and manufactures the latest fashion trends, and caters to a large demographic, including women, men, and children. Mango has also recently released a new home collection, which offers quality products for every corner of the house. This season’s best-selling items are from the Denim Collection which offers everything from shorts and skirts to denim jumpsuits. Mango organises seasonal sales where customers can find the season’s most wanted pieces for up to 50% off.  

Access Mango’s Affiliate Program here. 


MATCHESFASHION is a fashion retailer offering latest designer fashion from over 650 designer brands, operating in three brick-and-mortar stores in London and a worldwide affiliate program online. MATCHESFASHION collaborates with brands to provide womenswear, menswear, accessories, and bags, but also specialises in fine jewellery from Sophie Bille Brahe, Shay, and various other designers. MATCHESFASHION is a great destination for contemporary fashion such as designer monogram pieces, but also seasonal wear such as maxi dresses and ruffled crop tops in the summer and cashmere sweaters in winter.  

MATCHESFASHION also runs seasonal sales and offers up to 50% off their top selling designers such as Fendi, Prada, and Stella McCartney.  

Access MATCHESFASHION’s Affiliate Program here. 


PrettyLittleThing (PLT) is a UK based fashion e-retailer with an affiliate program available worldwide, offering fashionable clothing and accessories at an affordable price. The brand runs carefully selected edits to appeal to their 16-35 age group target market commonly taking inspiration from well-known designer brands.  Their Lockdown Lifted Collection is currently trending with party and festival wear. PLT also collaborates with popular celebrities such as Sofia Ritchie, Maya Jama, and many more, creating collections which sell out instantly.  

Access PrettyLittleThing’s Affiliate Program here. 


Reformation is a sustainable women’s clothing and accessories brand originating from the US, with an affiliate program available worldwide. The brand has become so popular in the last few years that the major e-commerce platforms such as Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, and Farfetch now stock Reformation’s collections for their international consumer base. Starting out as a retailer for vintage clothing, Reformation adapted the sustainability incentive and created their own line on clothing. Now the brand is well-known for floral-print dresses and other items which accentuate femininity. Reformation’s pieces are in the upper price range, and to retain their exclusivity the brand rarely runs sales. 

Access Reformation’s Affiliate Program here.  


Reiss is a British fashion brand, with affiliate programs also available in the US, Australia and 7 other markets. The brand is centred around creating design-led womenswear, menswear, and accessories with a strong focus on quality and details. The label portrays sophistication in its collections and is oftentimes the brand of choice for office wear, such as blazers, blouses, and midi dresses. Reiss also offers a permanent outlet collection where customers can find classic and contemporary pieces for up to 50% off. 

Access Reiss’s Affiliate Program here. 


Revolve is an e-commerce platform based in the US with an affiliate program available worldwide, which carries 500 different designer clothing brands. The most popular brands on Revolve include Cotton Citizen, Levi’s, Camila Coelho, and many others, with a 1,000 new fashion items added each week. Revolve is known for its curated edits which inform customers on the latest trends, such as this recent  Summertime Fine edit. Revolve has recently announced the launch of their first in-house brand Forward (FWRD), which represents iconic maisons de couture and emerging designers. In 2016, the retailer successfully launched a beauty platform with many sought-after beauty brands. Revolve is now focusing its efforts on a more sustainable future by launching a new sustainable section on the website which filters brands under the category. 

Access Revolve’s Affiliate Program here. 


Shopbop is the online retail destination for the latest apparel and accessories from the top designers, such as ANINE BING, AGOLDE, and more. Originating from the US and having an affiliate program worldwide, Shopbop provides wardrobe advice, editorial look books, and collaborations with innovative brands, guaranteeing customers a fun and personalised shopping experience. In 2013 Shopbop expanded into male fashion with a brand called East Dane, which also has an affiliate program in the US, UK, Japan, and Taiwan. Shopbop also organises seasonal sales, and has their Summer Sale in July.  

Access Shopbop’s Affiliate Program here. 


SSENSE is a Canadian multi-brand e-commerce platform specialising in designer fashion and high-end streetwear, with an affiliate program available worldwide. The brand collaborates with some of the most popular luxury and independent designers, such as The Row, Off-White, VETEMENTS and many more. SSENSE offers a broad range of product categories apart from womenswear and menswear, such as children’s fashion, pet apparel, home décor, self-care, and technology. The platform currently ships to 114 countries across the world.  

Access SSENSE’s Affiliate Program here.  


THE OUTNET is an established online retailer for luxury discount shopping, offering over 350 designer fashion brands at exceptional prices with an affiliate program available in over 22 markets. Shoppers can enjoy luxury clothing items, bags, shoes, and accessories at up to 70% off the original price, from designers such as Gucci, Stella McCartney, Zimmermann, and countless others. THE OUTNET has also launched their own brand in 2012 called Iris & Ink, offering premium quality, timeless wardrobe pieces.  

Access THE OUTNET’s Affiliate Program here.  


Uniqlo is a Japanese designer and retailers which has affiliate programs in the UK, US, Australia, and 13 other markets, and specialises in casual wear fashion. The brands best-selling items include linen blend tops and relaxed fit trousers, however Uniqlo is also well-known for incorporating innovative technology in their designs. Some of the current favourites are BLOCKTECH coats and parkas which use special breathable laminated film to protect from wind and rain and prevent overheating, as well as AIRism Collection which uses lightweight fabric which adapts to weather conditions. During the recent collaboration with the designer Mame Kurogouchi, Uniqlo created an innerwear collection for women which received a lot of traction. Uniqlo combined comfort and beauty to produce tops, trousers, and innerwear in an earth-toned colour palette.  

Access Uniqlo’s Affiliate Program here.  


These are some of the highest converting fashion affiliate programs. Head over to Merchant Search to see 1000s of Fashion affiliate programs available on Skimlinks.  

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