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How to get content ideas from your site traffic

Posted 9 years ago by Skimlinks
When publishers ask where to start with their commerce strategy, we often tell them to start with the people they already have on their website.
That’s because this audience already cares about their content, values their opinion and topics they write about, and returns to their websites at regular intervals. Those are all the ingredients you need to create captivating commerce content. Look to this audience for insight and publishers can figure out exactly the kind of commerce content to create that will perform best for their goals.

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So here’s a few ideas to get publishers started on how to get commerce content ideas from their site traffic.

Use your analytics to see which pages are the biggest traffic drivers.

Analytics are a great place to begin. They show your most popular pages, tell you a lot about what your readers value for, and show the kind of content you should replicate with commerce in mind.

 The key here is to pay attention to your top pages and find patterns in the content.

 If you’re a fashion website, you might write about all kinds of clothes, but your posts about jeans might perform better than anything else. To start your commerce strategy you could create a gift guide to jeans, outlining the perfect pair available at different price points.

 Once you write one or two posts, you’ll start to get insights about the kind of commerce content your audience likes, and you can scale from there.

Assess referral traffic

Discovering how your readers arrive on your website can be another great way to understand the kind of commerce content you might want to create.

Search can be especially informative. If you receive a lot of traffic from search engines, you can use tools like Google Analytics to dig into the keywords people find your content through and the topics that draw people’s attention.

You should also think about social media too. This will vary from channel, but if Twitter is a top referral channel you can look into the hashtags and trending topics that bring people to your website. Likewise on Facebook you can find out if there are forums, or pages that are particularly frequent referrers.

Use Skimlinks Publisher Hub insights to learn about your readers

If you monetize your site with Skimlinks, you can also use our Publisher Hub to gain additional insights about your readers.

Within the Publisher Hub, you are able to learn which pages get high traffic and which retailers your readers buy from the most.

You’ll also be able to see what devices your readers engage with you best. All of that information feeds into the activity of the audience you already have on-site and the kind of commerce content you can create.

Final thoughts

On site traffic is a fantastic resource to inspire commerce content. These are people who already love your brand and are likely to be receptive to product recommendations from you. With the above advice, you can use data to drive your editorial decisions to create commerce content that is compelling for readers and drives great results for you as a publisher too.

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