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Maximising Revenue and Building Strong Partnerships: An Inside Look into Robinsons Singapore’s Affiliate Marketing Journey

Posted 12 months ago by Angelique Parungao

Two years ago, the 163-year-old brand relaunched itself as a digital-only platform. Now a bonafide e-commerce success story, Robinsons showcases an ability to adapt and tap into new markets through innovative marketing strategies. 

In this interview, Melanie Lim, Marketing Manager of Robinsons Singapore, unveils their embrace of the power of affiliate marketing through their partnership with Skimlinks. Discover how they have used Skimlinks to drive growth, boost revenue, and foster strong relationships with their affiliates.


Key Achievement: 

Revenue figure has tripled over the years since the transition to online stores


Skimlinks offers support and guidance to its users. Whether it’s technical assistance, optimisation tips, or strategic advice, their team is available to help users make the most of their affiliate marketing efforts.


Could you tell us a bit of background about you and your role?

As a marketing manager, my role involves working closely with Skimlinks to develop and implement affiliate marketing strategies for our brand.


The e-commerce landscape and consumer behaviour have changed post-pandemic. How do you see this evolving and affecting your business? Are there any trends you are excited about this year?

The post-pandemic e-commerce landscape and changing consumer behaviour present both challenges and opportunities. We anticipate continued growth in online shopping and an increased emphasis on personalised experiences and convenience. As a brand, we are excited about trends such as social commerce, influencer marketing, and emerging technologies that can enhance the online shopping experience.


Affiliate marketing is still very nascent in certain countries in APAC. How do you approach the market, as a lot of publishers here may still need to prioritise affiliate marketing?

In markets where affiliate marketing is still nascent, we approach publishers by educating them about the benefits and potential of affiliate marketing. We provide resources, training materials, and case studies to showcase how affiliate marketing can be a profitable revenue stream.

By demonstrating the value and success of this marketing strategy, we encourage publishers to prioritise and adopt affiliate marketing practices.


How do you work with your affiliates and bring value to them?

We work with our affiliates by providing them with the necessary resources, support, and guidance to effectively monetise their content. Skimlinks plays a crucial role in this process by offering tools for automatic link conversion, real-time reporting, and access to a wide range of advertisers and affiliate programs.

By utilising Skimlinks’ platform, we bring value to our affiliates by helping them generate revenue and enhance the user experience for their audience.


You mentioned working with Skimlinks. What led you to pick them as your partner?

APAC Case study - robinsons quote

We selected Skimlinks as a partner due to their strong reputation in the affiliate marketing industry, advanced technology solutions, extensive network of affiliates, and potential for revenue growth. Skimlinks’ track record of success and their ability to provide comprehensive support and services aligned with our brand’s goals and objectives.

Our brand collaborates with Skimlinks by leveraging their technology platform. Skimlinks also provides us with reporting and analytics tools to track the performance of our affiliate marketing campaigns and optimise our strategies accordingly.


You’ve been able to build great relationships with publishers through Skimlinks. What value has that brought?

Since partnering with Skimlinks, we have experienced several benefits. Skimlinks’ platform has enabled us to automate and streamline our affiliate marketing efforts, saving us time and resources. We have seen an increase in revenue generated.

Through our partnership with Skimlinks, we have been able to build strong relationships with publishers. This has brought significant value to our brand, including increased visibility, expanded reach to relevant audiences, and enhanced brand recognition. These relationships also provide opportunities for collaboration, content creation, and mutual growth in the affiliate marketing space.


What do you love most about Skimlinks?

Skimlinks offers support and guidance to its users. Whether it’s technical assistance, optimisation tips, or strategic advice, their team is available to help users make the most of their affiliate marketing efforts. The support provided by Skimlinks can be valuable for brands and publishers looking to maximise their revenue potential.

Skimlinks why choose Skimlinks

Any advice for publishers who would like to work with you?

For publishers interested in working with us, we recommend joining Skimlinks’ platform to access a wide range of advertisers and affiliate programs. Additionally, we encourage publishers to focus on creating high-quality content that aligns with our brand values and resonates with their audience. By consistently delivering value and engaging their readers, publishers can maximise their affiliate marketing potential.


What are your plans for 2023 in APAC? Is there any specific country you are focusing on?

In 2023, we are focused on building relationships with publishers, expanding our network of affiliates, and optimising our affiliate marketing strategies for the specific countries we target. By tailoring our approach to each market’s unique characteristics and preferences, we aim to maximise our impact and drive growth.


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