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Product Update: Easily Consolidate your reporting at Domain Level

Posted 5 years ago by Alannah Trew

Publishers create multiple subdomains ( or subfolders ( to track performance of different channels or technology.  

And while it’s great for detailed insights within the Skimlinks Publisher Hub, we know that it’s a frustration for many publishers that they cannot see a consolidated view of the overall domain performance.

Which is why we are happy to announce the latest enhancement to the reporting functionality in the Publisher Hub.

We’ve updated the Domain Selector filter to enable Publishers who have multiple subdomains or subfolders to see the overall performance for a single domain.

With this enhancement, for each Publisher ID set up, the following can be viewed in the Publisher Hub:

  • All sites Performance
  • Domain Performance
  • Subdomain/Subfolder Performance

Skimlinks Publishers can login now and start using the new Domain Selector filter.

Publishers not working with Skimlinks can sign up here.

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