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Skimlinks and Impact strengthen partnerships by enhancing advertisers’ ability to measure performance and better reward publishers

Posted 5 years ago by Alannah Trew

New York and London – 10 October 2019: Skimlinks, the leading commerce content platform, today announced they have further integrated with Impact, the global leader in partnership automation. Additional publisher-level granularity in reporting and commissioning will provide increased transparency for Impact’s advertisers and the flexibility to create more bespoke rates for Skimlinks publishers.

Transparency is a key element to creating strong partnerships and Impact advertisers now have a more granular view of performance data from Skimlinks. Available at the publisher domain level, this data will provide advertisers with actionable insights into who is driving success for them. Covering clicks, conversions and order value, this will help to drive the growth of Impact’s advertiser’s performance marketing campaigns.

The new integration also makes it easier for Impact advertisers to build their relationships with Skimlinks publishers with a streamlined process for setting up exclusive rates. This will allow Impact advertisers to reward publishers who drive the greatest performance and continue to provide incentives for them to further increase their revenue.

Skimlinks CEO Sebastien Blanc says, “We know commerce content can be a great way for brands to reach valuable lifetime customers, and through our partnership with Impact, we’re confident brands have the data to make the right decisions about their affiliate investment. We are thrilled that our enhanced partnership with Impact continues to evolve affiliate marketing and the important part it has in the overall marketing ecosystem.”

“As our industry continues to move toward transparency and openness, we’re excited to partner with Skimlinks to bring our advertisers better visibility into the specific partners that are driving the most growth for them,” said Mike Head, General Manager of Impact’s Partnership Cloud.

Impact advertisers can speak with their customer success manager for further details.

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