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Skimlinks Around The World… Meet María Pérez

Posted 2 weeks ago by Jordan Sanders

Welcome to our Employee Spotlight series where we get to know Skimlinks employees from around the globe a bit better. 

This time we feature María Pérez who works as a Publisher Development Manager for the Spanish market.

Let’s start with you telling us a bit about yourself…

I am María Pérez, Publisher Development Manager for the Spanish market. My background is in sales, business development, and client management. I have worked in different sectors, such as financial services and affiliate marketing, as well as in companies like Google and CJ Affiliate. 

I strongly believe in commerce content, and Spain has a long way to go in this area. It is a channel that has barely been exploited, and media outlets still do not have a clear and defined strategy.

What has been the highlight of your week so far?

Last week, we met with several Spanish affiliate networks to define our strategy for H2, as we are seeing increased interest and budget from the Spanish market in commerce content strategy. Additionally, we have signed a new publisher, which start working with us soon.

When and why did you join Skimlinks?

I joined Skimlinks four months ago because I see immense potential and growth opportunities for the company in the Spanish market, where affiliate marketing continues to expand annually. Additionally, my passion for the content and media sector drew me to Skimlinks, as it provides a platform to work at the intersection of content, commerce, and monetization. I’m excited to contribute to Skimlinks’ growth in Spain and assist publishers and advertisers in maximizing the potential of commerce content

What is your role in the Spanish market? 

I am a Publisher Development Manager, I play a pivotal role in the Spanish market by nurturing existing publishers and expanding our reach through acquiring new ones. My focus is on fostering strong relationships with publishers whilst also spearheading initiatives to grow our presence in Spain. Additionally, I collaborate closely with product and editorial teams to optimize revenue streams through compelling commerce content strategies. It’s an exciting opportunity to drive growth and innovation in the dynamic Spanish market

What do you believe is the biggest opportunity in Spain now?

The biggest opportunity in Spain lies in the vast potential for Skimlinks to expand its business footprint and share the expertise that we have in other mature markets. With commerce content still in its nascent stages in the Spanish market, there is significant untapped growth. Furthermore, the Spanish economy’s steady growth trajectory coupled with the evolving landscape of media consumption presents a fertile ground for business development. 

The notable 38% growth in affiliate marketing in 2023 underscores the increasing relevance and effectiveness of this channel, which further accentuates the opportunities Skimlinks can capitalize on. It’s an exciting time to be part of the evolving landscape of commerce content in Spain, and I’m eager to leverage these opportunities for Skimlinks’ success

On the flip side, what do you think is the biggest challenge facing your market right now? 

I think that the biggest challenge facing our market in Spain is the relatively new concept and strategies surrounding commerce content. While the potential is immense, advertisers and publishers are still navigating the landscape to fully leverage this channel’s benefits. However, this challenge presents an exciting opportunity for growth and innovation.

Where do you want Skimlinks to be in Spain in a year’s time? 

We envision Skimlinks as the go-to platform for commerce content solutions in Spain, with an extensive network of publishers leveraging our services. While we already have prominent publishers in our portfolio, our goal is to continue expanding our reach. We aim for every editor in the Spanish market to collaborate with us, maximizing their revenue potential through our innovative platform.

What’s the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

Persistence paired with a creative mindset can lead to significant achievements despite obstacles. It involves maintaining an unwavering focus on goals and persevering through all circumstances, driving toward long-term success.

Additionally, adopting a comparative approach can offer advantages in an international company. This involves learning from global best practices and adapting to different markets, thereby gaining a competitive edge.

And let’s finish with your favourite idiom/phrase…

One of the idioms that fits better with my last work experiences could be “hang in there”. Generating new business is sometimes an arduous task, since in Spain the negotiation processes are very slow and sometimes you can feel lost, that’s when I say to myself: hang in there, you are not beaten yet and you know you can make it.

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