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Skimlinks Chosen by G/O Media to Consolidate Commerce, Accelerate Growth and Enhance Operational Efficiency

Posted 5 years ago by Angus Quinn

NEW YORK and LONDONNov. 14, 2019  — Skimlinks, the leading global commerce content platform, is delighted to announce that G/O Media, the premium digital content publisher, is consolidating its market-leading commerce activity on Skimlinks’ platform. The move is designed to sharply decrease G/O Media’s commerce strategy’s operational costs and make it easier for G/O Media to focus on producing great content and building strong commercial relationships with key advertisers.

“G/O Media has been at the forefront of commerce content innovation and saw huge success scaling it to 25% of all revenue,” says Jim Spanfeller, CEO G/O Media. “But the tech stack needed to maintain our success came with high operational costs. We are focused on growth and serving our massive audience scale, so when we reviewed our bottom line and it became clear that using many partners and rebuilding part of the tech stack ourselves was inefficient, we saw consolidating our commerce activity on Skimlinks as a better proposition.”

As a commerce content pioneer, G/O Media was one of the first publishers to launch a dedicated commerce brand, Kinja Deals, which debuted in 2012. This was followed by a second commerce brand, the Inventory in 2018.

Spanfeller adds, “Since I arrived, we have become profitable again and the operational efficiency Skimlinks gives us by managing the day-to-day business has played a part in helping us get there. The partnership puts all of our normalised data in one place and removes the need to pay a third party to normalise data or download data from advertisers. It also frees internal engineering resources, which offers us the flexibility to negotiate the commission rates we want with chosen strategic partners. It also enables the commerce team to focus their efforts on creating quality commerce content.”

Skimlinks’ override feature enabled a seamless transition of hundreds of affiliates. Once Skimlinks’ script is installed, it automatically reroutes affiliate links, which ensures no loss in revenue or need to manually update hard-coded links.

“We’re delighted to welcome back G/O Media to the Skimlinks team. This is an iconic brand that helped build the commerce industry, and we are proud to play a part in their story. Now our platform of solutions can help support long-term growth of commerce revenue as G/O Media charts its future. Partnering with Skimlinks is a cost-effective solution for publishers that makes commerce teams’ lives easier by providing one-stop-shop access to 50 networks globally,” says Skimlinks CEO Sebastien Blanc.

Media Contacts:

Jean-Christophe Gombeaud
VP – Marketing 

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