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Unveiling the Yahoo Choice Awards

Posted 9 months ago by Naomi Kono

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that Skimlinks is joining forces with Yahoo Singapore as the official affiliate partner for their highly anticipated inaugural event, the Yahoo Choice Awards, taking place on October 24th this year!

During a stimulating conversation with Reta Lee, Head of Commerce at Yahoo Singapore, we explored the forthcoming online shopping extravaganza, the Yahoo Choice Awards.


Could you please provide an overview of the upcoming Yahoo Choice Awards and how it ties in with Yahoo Singapore’s mission and goals?

Yahoo Southeast Asia started creating affiliate commerce sometime in late 2019, by giving our readers inspiring, helpful and educational content to help drive purchases. With the editorial team’s expertise, Yahoo’s broad reach and brands’ trust in us, we’ve emerged as the leading commerce publisher in Southeast Asia.


What motivated Yahoo Southeast Asia to organize the Yahoo Choice Awards and how does it differentiate from other industry awards?

Having managed affiliate commerce for over three years now, the Yahoo Choice Awards is the perfect platform to recognise and award excellence to brands that have trusted us from the start and honor the best in their respective categories – with voting by readers’ choice coupled with editors’ curation in two separate sections for the Singapore market. 


How does Yahoo Southeast Asia envision the awards benefiting the participating merchants? What value do you believe this recognition will bring to their businesses in Singapore?

Yahoo Choice Awards would offer further recognition and draw to both new and existing merchants who choose to participate in this event. We believe that Yahoo’s broad reach and strong editorial expertise would help brands connect with new readers who want to get to know more about the brands’ offerings and specialties.

Can you elaborate on the role of Skimlinks as the exclusive affiliate partner for this event? How does this partnership contribute to the overall success of the awards?

The nomination and curation process of both the editors’ and readers’ choice awards are powered by Skimlinks’ data. As our exclusive affiliate partner, we are able to pinpoint what brands our readers love and further celebrate their quality and credibility through Yahoo’s affiliate content.

What promotional and marketing opportunities will be available to the merchants who participate in the awards?

There will be strong exposure on Yahoo’s network during peak traffic periods and distribution networks such as Yahoo Search, and social media platforms like Facebook, Telegram and X. There will be in-article banners and a press release announcing the awards.

With the rise of e-commerce and online presence, how do you believe the Yahoo Choice Awards will align with the evolving needs and challenges faced by merchants in the digital landscape?

Consumers want reliance and authenticity when it comes to brands. The Yahoo Choice Awards celebrates the authentic affiliate partnership between brands and publishers like ours to craft content and messaging that would help drive increased engagement with brands’ site and conversion rate. The awards prioritize brands that we love, respect and value, that we hope to work together on in the long run.

The editorial team has been emphasizing on truly evergreen content that stay relevant and fresh always, coupled with tipsy and informative content in the form of interviews with experts and reviews that showcase our authentic voices. By effectively using this strategy, we are forging a deeper relationship between brands and readers who want the now, concise information as it is.

Yahoo is one of the most widely recognized digital media brands globally, with nearly 900 million monthly visitors to its premium sites and products. In Singapore, Yahoo consistently ranks among the top websites, as confirmed by web analytics organizations such as Semrush and Similarweb. Furthermore, Comscore identifies Yahoo Life as the premier source for all things related to beauty and fashion.

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