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Make money from your commerce content

If you write about products, we can help you make money from your content. Over 60,000 publishers around the world already trust us to automatically monetize the commerce content they create.

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Make money from your commerce content

Commerce content starts with a writer, a product they believe in and an editorial brand readers’ trust to help them make up their mind about the purchases they make. Skimlinks’ technology makes it easy for publishers to capitalize on commerce content, monetize articles and scale it into a meaningful revenue stream. A simple piece of code installed on a publisher’s website automatically monetizes product links in content and earns the publisher a commission on sales driven by it’s commerce content articles.

How to monetize with Skimlinks

Skimlinks works with 60,000 publishers

Skimlinks’ clients include Conde Nast, Hearst, Buzzfeed, HuffPost, USA Today, dotDash and MailOnline. In total, Skimlinks works with 60,000 publishers from around the world and counts over half of the top 100 US and UK publishers as clients.

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Earn commission from 48,500 merchants

Skimlinks aggregates access to 50 affiliate networks (including AWIN, CJ, Rakuten…), enabling publishers to earn commission from 48,500 merchants around the world, in one place. Every day, more than $2.5m of sales are generated through Skimlinks.

Earn even more with Skimlinks

Play with our demo Publisher Hub

Skimlinks offers a growing suite of innovative solutions, through it’s platform, designed to increase the number of clicks and earnings per click of commerce-related content. See the great data and insights our platform offers in the Publisher Hub demo.

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