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3 Steps To Automate & Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Posted 2 years ago by Tyra Brown

Affiliate marketing is a great channel that can be leveraged to grow your commerce content business. It works by connecting advertisers who have products to sell, with publishers who have a sizeable audience reading their content. 

When affiliate marketing is done manually, it can take a lot of time and resources to get it up and running. However, with the right tools, affiliate marketing can be almost entirely automated, which will enable you to focus on carrying on growing your business.

In this article, we’ll show you how to automate affiliate marketing for both publishers & advertisers, in 3 simple steps. We’ll start with publishers. If you’re not a publisher, you can scroll further down to the advertiser section.

How To Automate & Grow Affiliate Revenue For Publishers

1. Sign Up To Skimlinks

The easiest way to automate affiliate marketing is to join a platform such as Skimlinks, which is an all-in-one commerce content platform. After signing up and getting approved by Skimlinks, you will be able to not only automate your affiliate links but get access to a wide range of performance reports that will help you grow your revenue. With reports such as Trending Products Report, which shows you the most popular products trending in a certain time period or our Real-Time Clicks Report, allowing publishers to quickly see which content their audience is engaged with in real-time.

2. Install the Skimlinks JavaScript 

Used by thousands publishers across the globe, the Skimlinks JavaScript, which can be found in Settings in the Publisher Hub, is an incredibly easy way to implement automation to your affiliate links. The script can be added directly to your site template just before the </body> tag. Once it is installed, you won’t have to add your affiliate links manually anymore as Skimlinks will turn all your merchant links into affiliate links. Your website’s impressions, clicks and revenue, will be captured and displayed in your hub so you can easily understand your performance. 

3. Publish Evergreen Commerce Content 

Writing evergreen content can make money all year round, with maintenance now and then, can keep on earning revenue till the end of time. Publishing content around popular e-commerce events like Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day and others is a good way to get started. If you are looking for inspiration, check out our blog for great examples of commerce content and make sure to follow our SEO tips to improve your searchability. 

How To Automate & Grow Affiliate Revenue For Advertisers

1. Create Your Affiliate Program 

The first step is to create your affiliate program with any one of these affiliate networks listed here. These networks have the technical capabilities to track clicks, sales and other performance data. Skimlinks is also website agnostic, so no matter what network you choose to work with, we will be able to work with you! 

2. Activate Skimlinks With Your Chosen Network 

To get more publishers to promote your products and services, make sure you activate Skimlinks within your chosen affiliate network. 

Once you are part of an affiliate network, you’ll need to make sure that your affiliate program is deeplink enabled. Then you’ll be able to activate Skimlinks by approving Skimlinks as a Publisher within your chosen affiliate network. Then, within 3 business days, your affiliate program will be live within Skimlinks! For more information, click here

3. Join The Skimlinks Paid Preferred Partner Program

You can optimize your affiliate program’s performance by getting increased profile exposure to Skimlinks’ 60,000 publishers, weekly reporting, preferential ranking in the Merchant Search results and rate benchmarking to make sure that your program always stays competitive. The Skimlinks Paid Preferred Partner Program aims to maximize advertisers’ visibility and with increased access to your performance data, we can help you enhance affiliate performance for your brand.

Are you ready to automate your affiliate marketing strategy?

Now that you know how to improve your strategy, be sure pick a partner that can meet your needs and maximize returns. 60,000 publishers and 45,800 advertisers are already leveraging affiliate automation using Skimlinks to save hours of time as well as growing their revenue, and you can too!

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