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How to generate revenue with travel-related content

Posted 2 years ago by Tyra Brown

As we begin to see the first glimmers of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the itch to book a getaway sets in. 

Consequently, April tends to be the month we see a sharp rise in holiday bookings. In April 2021, there was a 66% traffic increase for holiday-related articles across our global network from the previous month. 

International tourism saw a 130% increase globally in January 2022 compared to 2021. This positive trend is likely to continue, making travel-related content very lucrative. 

We have collated a selection of top tips and trends to consider when writing your content to drive maximum commerce revenue.

The revival of international travel 

As global borders continue to open and travel restrictions ease, it is expected that holidays abroad will be particularly popular this summer. Including travel restriction updates within your articles will increase attraction as tourists look to where is open when gathering holiday inspiration.

In particular, the UK is currently experiencing a significant boom in outbound flights as Brits are already making the most of travel freedom after the pandemic years. Highlighting merchants that provide international travel is likely to be popular. 

Post your content before the weekend

Across the Skimlinks network, there is on average a 700% increase in traffic for holiday-related articles on the weekends compared to during the week. Consumers have more time to browse and plan the holiday of their dreams on the weekend. This is good to consider when scheduling your content – ensure it is live before Friday!

Travel guides

Top-performing articles in this vertical tend to take the form of travel guides. Consumers want to ensure they’re getting the best deal and going to the perfect location to suit their needs. Many will be seeking some vitamin D, some will want adventure, and some will want nothing but a sun lounger. Focus your travel guide around a theme to attract engagement. Last-minute holiday options, budget-friendly guides, and place-specific guides all perform well. 

Conscious getaways

Whilst international travel will be a popular trend this summer, the continuing rise of sustainability shouldn’t be ignored. With 90% of consumers being concerned with the ecological impact of their purchasing habits, we can expect at least a proportion of this to translate to holiday planning. Covid-19 saw the surge of the ‘staycation’ and many have found a new-found love for taking trips at home. Sustainable travel guides should also prove to be popular, consider highlighting experiences at home as well as greener methods of transport.

You can find travel merchants to start writing about on our Merchant Page here

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