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Q2 Ecommerce Events You Should Be Writing About

Posted 2 years ago by Tyra Brown

As we welcome April, the second quarter of the year brings plenty of key ecommerce events that offer a great focus for content generation. With a mix of major international events and more regional occurrences, we’ve collated our top recommendations of events that publishers can utilise to drive substantial commerce revenues. 

Events in April 

With summer on the horizon, April tends to be the month when summer holiday planning begins. Many will be seeking some vitamin D, some will want adventure, and some will want nothing but a sun lounger. As global borders continue to open and travel restrictions ease, it’s expected that holidays abroad will be popular this summer. Travel guides perform best around this topic, with traffic tending to spike on weekends.

Easter is a growing ecommerce opportunity. Guides to the best pre-made Easter baskets, gifts for kids, and dinner delivery services perform well, with the most conversions taking place one week before the holiday. Utilise promotions and offers over this period as many homeware and fashion brands hold Easter weekend sales.

In Australia, the 36-hour biannual Vogue Online Shopping Event takes place in April. With a vast array of brands taking part across all verticals, it’s the perfect chance to purchase some items from the wish list at discounted prices. Articles highlighting the best deals typically perform best. 

Over 90% of consumers are concerned with the ecological impact of their purchasing habits. Therefore, Earth Day is an opportunity to highlight environmentally-conscious and sustainable merchants across all categories. It is also worth showcasing retailers giving back in honour of Earth Day.

Events in May

May is Masturbation Month, and sex toys continue to be a top-performing product for commerce content creators. Reviews and comparison guides perform best around this topic and make excellent evergreen content.

Star Wars Day, also known as May the 4th, continues to rise as an ecommerce event. Deal roundups tend to perform well around this and many merchants typically launch dedicated sales to celebrate the force. Brand collaborations are also a hot topic around for this event.

Whilst many European countries have already celebrated, Mother’s Day takes place on May 8 across the US and APAC this year. To show love and appreciation to our mums, consumers mostly search for Mother’s Day gift guides and flower delivery services. Gift card content (particularly for beauty brands and spas) performs well in the last few days before the event as handy last-minute options. For the US, Mother’s Day is the third-largest ecommerce event of the year, so it is not one to be missed. 

Events in June

Celebrating all things LGBTQIA+, June is Pride Month and provides lots of commerce content opportunities. There was a +228% increase in ecommerce traffic for Pride-related content in June 2021 compared to May 2021. Brand collaborations, glitter, sex toys, and rainbow-themed content see high revenue yields. 

In the UK, 2022 marks Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, which celebrates her 70th year on the throne. Royal style guides perform well in the UK and Australia, particularly those focussing on the Duchess of Cambridge. Street parties and celebrations are expected to be held across the weekend, so baking equipment, decorations, and party gear will be popular products to highlight.

Another ecommerce opportunity on the rise is Father’s Day, which is catching up to the ecommerce popularity of its sister, Mother’s Day. There is a high volume of last-minute sales around this holiday, so it is good to consider merchant shipping times when putting together your content. Hampers, experiences, and subscription services stand out as top-performing products. 

You can find merchants to start writing about for these events on our Merchant Page here


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