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Support the merchants who are giving back to the community

Posted 4 years ago by Alannah Trew

We know there are many merchants that are giving back to the community to help front-line workers, stimulate the economy and raise donations to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are proud to highlight these merchants who have a Give Back program and promote them across the Skimlinks network.

The Editor Toolbar, Merchant Search and Merchant Profile pages have all been updated.

Editor Toobar

The Editor Toolbar will now highlight these merchants with a special Give Back badge and star status.

To install the Skimlinks Editor Toolbar, click here.

Merchant Search

To generate a list of merchants with Give Back programs in place, simply type Give Back into the Merchant Search.

Merchant Profile

For details on the Give Back programs, click through to the Merchant Profile Page and the information is shown in the yellow box.

How we have defined a Give Back Merchant

We originally classified a Give Back merchant as one that is contributing either financially or with products to help fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Give Back Merchants now also include those contributing either financially or with products in a philanthropic effort.

Login to the Publisher Hub to discover Give Back merchants.

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