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The Power of Speed: what to do this Black Friday

Posted 7 months ago by Aurélie Gritun

Q4 is the busiest time of the year for publishers who are striving to keep up with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season. There is a lot happening, and publishers can’t take their hands off the wheel for a second when they’re operating at full speed! Speed, in this case, is what makes publishers successful and generates the most revenue.

To maximize the number of generated sales from their commerce content pages, publishers need to react quickly to potential roadblocks (such as out-of-stock products, broken links, or best-selling products they may have been overlooked) and to any insights that could drive more revenue.

What makes this year’s Black Friday different?

We’ve heard your need for more frequent data, and we’re pleased to inform you that we have increased the number of data imports in the Publisher Hub.

To bring you up to speed with your performance and commission data, we are now importing data 6 times a day on all Core Performance Reports (Reports by Date, Merchant, Page, Link, Site, Device, and Country).

To visualize it, a ‘Today’ button is now available on all Core Performance Reports. You’ll also see the last import date and time on each report, giving you a real-time view of today’s data.

This is enabled automatically and there is nothing that you need to do from your side. 

Keep the wheel spinning

During Black Friday, a lot can happen on the day. Products may go out-of-stock, items you’ve not written about can become bestsellers, or you may want to analyze click sources for your commerce content. This is yet another reason why timely actions matter.

In our Publisher Hub, you are already equipped with reports to assist you:

The Broken Links Report:

The Broken Links Report tracks out-of-stock or 404 links, helping you update to a new merchant.

The Trending Products Report:

The Trending Products Report, helps you identify trending products across the Skimlinks network that you’re not yet talking about.

The Real-time Clicks Report:

The Real-time Clicks Report shows which pages, links and merchants generate clicks (updated every 15 minutes), allowing you to quickly optimize and promote your content, increasing revenue potential.


And for publishers in the US, UK or Australia, our Product Key allows you to access up-to-date stock availability data and display it in your content. You can also use it to find alternative merchants for out-of-stock or 404 links.

Like previous years, this year’s Black Friday sales event is expected to be highly competitive. Speed is essential to be the first to cross the finish line. Keep an eye on everything: monitor your performance consistently, seek inspiration from trending products and swiftly identify potential roadblocks to conversion so that you can clear your road to success.

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