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10 Mattress Affiliate Programs You Can Promote Today

Posted 1 year ago by Skimlinks

Sleep is an essential human function that impacts almost every aspect of our daily lives. On average, adults need 8 hours of good-quality sleep each night to effectively function. Without it, there can be impacts on your immune system, mental health, weight, and more. That’s why it is vital to maintain a comfortable sleep environment by ensuring you have the best quality mattress, pillows, and sheets.

Given the importance of a good night’s sleep, choosing the right furniture to enable this is important. From firm king-size mattresses to futon mattresses to memory foam pillows and more, it can be tricky to establish which is the right option for you. So, unsurprisingly, review interactions are up 50% amongst consumers. As these items are timeless, thought-out purchases, it provides the perfect opportunity to write an evergreen article (that makes money all year round) to assist in these consumer decisions. If well looked after, such an article has the potential to continue earning indefinitely.

Get inspired by these excellent evergreen articles from Expert Reviews, Glamour and The Telegraph, and take a look at the 10 top-performing mattress programs that publishers can start writing about today. 

Parachute Home

Parachute is a female-founded homeware brand that makes modern Bedding essentials for a more comfortable home. They believe buying bedding should be as enjoyable as your best night of sleep. Parachute’s website allows you to select your preferred fabrics, colours, styles and receive them at your door.

Access Parachute’s Affiliate Program here.

Simbasleep are experts in the science of sleep, and over a million customers have already trusted them to give them the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. They have created a mattress for every sleeping style and body and to ensure you have the right one for you, they offer a 200-night free trial. 

Access Simbasleep’s Affiliate Program here.


TEMPUR® mattresses are renowned for their unique design of mattresses that have been a consumer favourite since their establishment in 1992. This isn’t ordinary memory foam. TEMPUR® materials provide unparalleled pressure relief and motion cancellation — to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Tempur-Pedic also offers a 10-year warranty. 

Access Tempur-Pedic’s Affiliate Program here.

Saatva is the internet’s premier luxury mattress and bedding brand. Their core principles include selling high-quality products for a fair price and offering the absolute best customer service. Saatva mattresses are handcrafted with organic cotton, designed with comfort, support, and adjustability options to suit every sleeper and they offer a 180-night home trial. 

Access Saatva’s Affiliate Program here.


No matter which way you snooze, Allswell have the support and comfort you’re looking for. Allswell gives you the inspiration to choose which mattress works best in your oasis. A hybrid of memory foam and coils combine in their mattresses for a perfect sleep experience that consumers can test with their 100-night risk-free trial. 

Access Allswell’s Affiliate Program here.

Brook + Wilde

Brook + Wilde is a Great British Brand of 2023. Their mattresses are hybrids, meaning that they use a combination of supportive springs and comfortable memory foam to offer you the best of both worlds. Sustainability is at the heart of the brand and they offer a mattress recycling program. With a 200-Night Comfort Trial, you can’t go wrong.

Access Brook + Wilde’s Affiliate Program here.

Avocado Mattress

Avocado Mattress was founded in 2016 with the mission of providing a green mattress made from non-toxic, natural, and organic materials — that was actually affordable. With sustainability at the heart of their brand, Avocado are a certified B Corp and Climate Neutral certified.  As well as mattresses, Avocado offer a range of bedding, toppers and pillows for the conscious consumer too.

Access Avocado Mattress’ Affiliate Program here.

Emma Mattress

Combining world-class German engineering, UK manufacturing, and the latest advancement in foam and spring technology, Emma Sleep is both UK’s most-awarded sleep brand and the world’s most-sold bed in box brand! As the UK’s best selling-mattress, they boast their 200-night trial, 10-year guarantee and free delivery in 33 countries. 

Access Emma’s Affiliate Program here.


DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress built with 6 luxurious layers of the softest and most supportive premium materials to provide the best sleep money can buy. Their mattress is backed by an everlong warranty, a 365-night trial and free shipping.

Access Dreamcloud’s Affiliate Program here.


Macoda has been named Australia’s Most Comfortable Mattress for the fourth consecutive year by industry leaders. By developing a unique combination of memory foam, latex and pocket springs, you get the best of both worlds with their hybrid mattress. This provides a level of comfort miles above traditional spring mattresses and the support that pure foam mattresses just aren’t capable of on their own.

Access Macoda’s Affiliate Program here.

For more tips on how to write a successful evergreen article, check out our blog for great examples of commerce content and make sure to follow our SEO tips to improve your searchability. 

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