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Empowering E-Commerce: Inside the 2024 Yahoo Hong Kong Shopping Festival with Celina Fan

Posted 3 months ago by Naomi Kono

Yahoo Hong Kong is poised to unveil another year of unparalleled shopping experiences from June 3rd to June 14th, 2024, with Skimlinks once again joining as the exclusive affiliate partner. We deep dive into the essence of this highly anticipated event alongside Celina Fan, Head of Lifestyle and Commerce at Yahoo Hong Kong, to explore its objectives and the distinct opportunities it offers to both merchants and shoppers across the region.

Could you please provide an overview of the upcoming Yahoo Hong Kong Shopping Festival? What are the main objectives you aim to achieve with the second installment of this annual event?

Yahoo Hong Kong started its affiliate commerce business back in 2020 and has been the market leader ever since. Yahoo Shopping Festival aims to reinforce our leadership position as the annual ecommerce tentpole event, leveraging our strong market reach (80% reach, #1 in Hong Kong) and editorial expertise to bridge the gap between international merchants and potential shoppers.

How does it differ from the previous year, and what would be the highlight of this year?

Learning from 2023 success, the Yahoo Shopping Festival 2024 is scheduled for June 3rd to 14th featuring 2 full shopping weeks to prolong the shopping period. The event will receive massive promotion through editorial and marketing efforts across all Yahoo’s touchpoints. We can offer brands x4 exposure on our network including Yahoo homepage, Yahoo App, shopping festival campaign page, Shopping EDM, social pages and on site marketing banners reaching 5.1M internet users.

How does Yahoo Hong Kong envision the event benefiting the participating merchants? What value do you believe this event will bring to their businesses in Hong Kong?

Yahoo Hong Kong has a long history in providing trustworthy original content and shopping guides for mass audiences. Local shoppers have strong trust in our editors’ recommendations across broad content categories including Style, Fashion & Beauty, Travel, Tech, Health & Wellness. Combining Yahoo’s strong editorial sense and data insights, Yahoo knows what merchants, products and services our shoppers love. Our editors are able to fulfill different business needs of participating merchants – performance (conversions) and branding (awareness).

Can you elaborate on the role of Skimlinks as the exclusive affiliate partner for this event? How does this partnership contribute to the overall success of the event?

Skimlinks as our affiliate partner offered strong data insights for Yahoo’s shoppable content optimization to maximize business results. Their extensive networks of international merchants also facilitated Yahoo Hong Kong to recruit participating merchants. Working together we created business opportunities through close partnerships with top merchants, offering Yahoo shoppers offers, co-branding pages and giveaways to enrich our premiere Yahoo Shopping experience.

What promotional and marketing opportunities will be available to the merchants who participate in the event?

Yahoo Shopping Festival as a company tentpole event will enjoy extensive coverage on the Yahoo network during our preheat period from May 20th to June 2nd and the Shopping weeks June 3rd to 14th. This will include prime spots on Yahoo homepage, Yahoo App, editorial banner, alerts, Shopping EDM, social posts. The Marketing team will offer full support with run-of-site banners, on and off network ad placements, press releases and direct marketing newsletters to Yahoo audiences.

How to participate in the event as a merchant?

Please either reach out to your dedicated Skimlinks Account Manager or fill out an application form. Once we receive your submission, we will reach out to you.

We look forward to your participation!

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