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How to Market to Publishers

Skimlinks provides various ways for merchants to promote themselves to Publishers. Below is a topline overview for the various promotional opportunities available.

Merchant Profile Page

All Merchants working with Skimlinks have a profile page in the Skimlinks Publisher Hub. This profile page provides an overview of your program, commission rates, offers & promotions and program performance.

Merchant Search

The Skimlinks Merchant Search is generally one of the first places that a Publisher looking for merchants to write about will go. Publishers can search for a merchant by name, by category or by country. Merchants who are part of our Preferred Partner Program receive a badge to make them stand out from the crowd and they also appear higher in the search results.

Editor Toolbar

The Skimlinks Editor Toolbar is a Chrome extension available for Publishers to install direct into their browsers. When a Publisher is on your website, the Editor Toolbar will show them the average commission rate you have paid over the past 90 days, whether your are part of the Preferred Partner Program and further details on your program.

Newsletters and Email

Skimlinks curates and sends regular updates to our leading content publishers, to provide them with the latest commission rates, offers and deals available from merchants.  Members of our Preferred Partner Program also have their offers highlighted with a trophy by their name and promotion.

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