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Offers and Promotions

Publishers don’t only look at the commission rate when choosing a Merchant to write about, they also want to add value and an incentive for their readers to purchase a product.

We see in the Skimlinks Platform that merchants who have an offer generally drive more sales and with higher Average Order Value (AOV).

Coupons perform well with both a high conversion rate and AOV.  Free Shipping is a great incentive for publishers readers and it increases both your conversion rate and AOV.

Do you have a Hot Product?  Something that everyone is talking about? Highlighting this to publishers will make you stand out, it gives them something topical to write about and it also drives the highest AOV for all the offers and promotions we see in the Skimlinks Platform.

You can find out more about what offers and promotions work in our blog post “Only 18% of merchant offers are effective. Here’s what works.” and submit your latest offer and promotions via our Offer Form.

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